In 2017, we announced a new award to recognize exceptional leadership in patient involvement in cancer research. These 2017 awards were presented during the Canadian Cancer Research Conference (CCRC) in Vancouver during November.

We’re proud to announce the following 2017 award winners.

Exceptional Leadership Award

Dr. Elizabeth A. Eisenhauer (Queen’s University) received the Exceptional Leadership in Cancer Research award for her work as a clinician-researcher and her national leadership roles: President of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Expert Lead of Research at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and Co-chair of the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance. She has demonstrated her long-standing commitment to enhance the coordination and quality of cancer research in Canada.

Outstanding Achievements Awards

Dr. John C. Bell (University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital) received the Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research award for his pioneering work and ground-breaking scientific discoveries. They have propelled the entire field of oncolytic virus therapy forward. He’s been committed to enabling translational research through his roles as founder of the Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium, Scientific Director of BioCanRx, and Director of the Biotherapeutics Program for the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Dr. Marco A. Marra (The University of British Columbia and BC Cancer Agency) received the Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research award for his fundamental contributions to understanding the role of genetic alterations in promoting cancer progression, and in translating the insights for the benefit of patients. His research has used massively parallel-sequencing technologies and informatics tools to characterize tumours from patients. The work has led to the discovery of new cancer-associated mutations, candidate biomarkers, and new therapeutic targets.

Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Eduardo L.F. Franco, OC (McGill University) received the Distinguished Service to Cancer Research award. He has held a significant role in cancer prevention by generating critical scientific evidence for the HPV vaccine and actively promoting the vaccination’s adoption across Canada. The award also recognizes his research and advocacy for cost-effective prevention of cervical cancer in low- and middle-income countries, and his advocacy of peer-review and editorial oversight to ensure quality cancer research is published.

Exceptional Leadership in Patient Involvement Awards

Dr. Michael A.S. Jewett (University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – University Health Network) received the Exceptional Leadership in Patient Involvement in Cancer award for his long-standing commitment and advocacy of greater patient involvement in clinical research prioritization, research proposals, funding decisions, research design, and patient-relevant outcome measures. He has championed patient-led charities to elevate the role of the patient voice in cancer care and research.

Ms. Judy Needham (Canadian Cancer Trials Group and Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network) received the Exceptional Leadership in Patient Involvement in Cancer award for her passionate and long-standing commitment to improve outcomes for cancer patients. She supports the development of patient-treatment navigation tools and direct engagement of patients in the development of clinical trial questions, protocols, and materials so that the research lifecycle integrates the patient perspective.


Photographs: Jon Benjamin Photography