2019 CCRA Award Winners

The CCRA Awards, initiated in 2011, recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals who have had a remarkable impact on cancer research and the cancer research community.

In 2021, winners will receive a framed certificate and cash award. The award recipients will be announced during the CCRC 2021 Virtual Event. Nominations for the 2021 CCRA Awards are now closed.

Award Categories

The following CCRA Awards will be presented in 2021:

Exceptional Leadership in Cancer Research

Awarded to an individual who has made exceptional contributions to fostering the development of cancer research in Canada through their leadership in organizations, or development of collaborative research opportunities or initiatives that have had a transformative impact.

Outstanding Achievements in Cancer Research

Awarded to a cancer researcher from any research discipline for outstanding lifetime achievements which have had an impact in greatly advancing our understanding of cancer, the treatment of cancer, and/or cancer control in Canada.

Distinguished Service to Cancer Research

Awarded to an individual whose work has had a substantial impact on public education, policy, or discourse on cancer control, cancer research, and/or science literacy in Canada.

Exceptional Leadership in Patient Involvement in Cancer Research

Awarded to an individual who has made exceptional contributions to fostering patient involvement in cancer research in Canada. The inaugural award was presented at CCRC 2017 in Vancouver.

Nominations Review Process

A subcommittee of the 2021 Canadian Cancer Research Conference’s Executive Planning Committee and CCRA Board will review nominations and recommend the award recipients in each category for approval by the full CCRA Board. Decisions will be made in summer 2021 and the awards will be presented in November at the CCRC 2021 Virtual Event.

Nominees will be adjudicated on 5-point scales for three criteria (maximum score of 15): alignment with the award category, achievements, and impact. The CCRA Executive Office may communicate with the nominator if it is felt that the nominee is more appropriate for another award category. In recognition of systemic barriers and inequities, the Nomination Committee reserves the right to add 3 points to the scores of nominees who are from groups traditionally under-represented in cancer leadership positions.

Should you have any questions or wish to receive further information about the CCRA awards (including the nomination and adjudication processes), please contact us at ccra.team@partnershipagainstcancer.ca.


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